Guess who's turning 10?


In 2002, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment to create voluntary prekindergarten or VPK. Begun officially in fall 2005, September 2015 marked the start of the early learning program’s 10th year. One of the first states to offer free prekindergarten to all 4-year-olds, Florida is a national leader in terms of access. VPK is also a leader when it comes to quality. VPK works. Results of kindergarten screening have consistently shown that children who complete VPK are more prepared for kindergarten than those who do not complete or do not attend VPK.
Ten years of success is reason to celebrate. Because the program is the result of support from Florida voters, elected officials, education leaders, communities, early child education advocates and stakeholders, VPK providers, teachers, families, and more, the celebration will be statewide.
Look for updates here and on this special VPK Birthday Facebook page.

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