May 8, 2015, is Provider Appreciation Day.


The Office of Early Learning is pleased to announce that Gov. Rick Scott and the state of Florida recognize May 8, 2015, as Provider Appreciation Day.

Every day of the week, greatness happens. The kind of greatness on par with the construction of a grand skyscraper or the birth of an idea that changes society. That is to say, our future is positively impacted everyday by the efforts of our Voluntary Prekindergarten and School Readiness providers.

This greatness is seen in their dedication and compassion, as they spend each day giving back to the 376,515 children enrolled in early learning programs throughout the state. Early education requires great responsibility and passion. And as any educator can attest to, it’s no ordinary job.

Florida is a national leader in education in part because more than 15,100 providers have dedicated their lives to the youngest among us.

Interim Executive Director Rodney MacKinnon and the Office of Early Learning recognize these providers for their daily efforts to “mold the emotional, physical, social and intellectual development of our children.” The well-being of our families, communities and economy hinge on the development of our youngest generation.  Increasing their opportunities to succeed, through increased early literacy and social skills, makes Florida a place where everyone can “live their dreams.” 

Thanks to our providers, this dream is becoming a reality. 

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