About Us

Message from the Executive Director

Investing in early learning is important for children, families and Florida.

Serving as inspector general for the Office of Early Learning for more than two years offered unique insight into the infrastructure that delivers early child education and care services across our state. That role reinforced the importance of what this office does and the responsibility we have for ensuring that the investment our state makes in early learning is administered wisely. 

As inspector general, my job was to help ensure that our investment was working—that early learning programs and operations are efficient, effective and reliable. 

As executive director, that continues to be my commitment. 

Our office focuses on access to high-quality early education, accountability and transparency, and assisting and maintaining the vital network of early learning providers who nurture the developing mind. In 2002, Floridians amended the state constitution to include free, voluntary prekindergarten education. Since then, Florida has climbed in national educational achievement rankings. Florida’s investment in its children is working.

We are here to see that this continues.

Rodney J. MacKinnon
Executive Director