Coalition News and Highlights 

New technology increases talk between young children and caregivers. Find out how and read more early learning news in March's Early Learning Update.


A program that measures talk helps boost interaction with young children, an early learning coalition calls on parents to "Unplug and Connect" and more in coalition news.

You may have heard about the "terrible twos," but what should you expect from your 2-year-old? Find out in the March Parents' Pages.


Read about your toddler's social development timeline, St. Patrick's Day, Children's Week in Florida, National Nutrition and Read Aloud months, and more in the March Parents' Pages.

Find out what Developmentally Appropriate Practices are and how to use them with children in March's VPK Snapshots.


Effective teachers and caregivers implement Developmentally Appropriate Practices to help children learn, build relationships and achieve goals.

There is a lot of activity in early learning around Florida. Read about it in February's Early Learning Update.


Community partnerships bring benefits to children and families across the state. See how they work in the February edition of Early Learning Update.

Learn about the role executive function skills play in early childhood development in February's VPK Snapshots.


Executive function skills are fundamental to building a strong foundation for the early development of both cognitive and social competencies.

Use these tips to win your preschooler's cooperation. Make Valentine's Day meaningful. These stories and more in Parents' Pages.


One of the most common problems parents of preschoolers list is getting their preschooler to cooperate. February's Parents Pages has some tips.

Governor Scott's "Fighting for Florida's Futureā€ Budget Invests in Florida's Future Students


Governor Rick Scott released his "Fighting for Florida's Future" budget today, which includes an increase of approximately $36.1 million for early learning.

Check out what's new in early learning around the state.


January's Early Learning Update has news and information from and about early learning coalitions from around Florida.

Dealing with preschooler whining. Reading with your child. These articles and more in January Parents' Pages.


Start 2017 reading with your child every day. Research shows that's one of the most important ways to help your child become a reader. Want to win the battle against whining? Most parents do. Get some tips in January's Parents' Pages.

Office of Early Learning releases 2015-2016 annual report.


Working with early learning coalitions, partnering agencies, child care providers, and early child care and education stakeholders, the Office of Early Learning made steady progress in 2015-2016.