Coalition News and Highlights 

Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County receives donation from unlikely source


The Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County recently received $750 from a very unlikely source – the private providers of Osceola County.

Thank a child care provider, read how coalitions are engaging their communities and more in the May Early Learning Update.


Gov. Scott declares May 12 Child Care Provider Appreciation Day, coalition events raise awareness of early childhood education and well-being, and more early learning news and updates.

Friday is Provider Appreciation Day. Thank a child care provider.


Governor Rick Scott has issued a proclamation recognizing Friday, May 12, 2017 Provider Appreciation Day in Florida. There are more than 14,240 child care providers in the state.

Early Learning Coalition of Duval Begins “Raising a Reader” Program


The Early Learning Coalition of Duval has launched a program to promote early literacy.

Is your preschooler using tantrums to get what they want? Learn how to negotiate in the May Parents' Pages.


Tips for negotiating with your preschooler, Mother's Day, Child Care Provider Appreciation Day and Foster Care Month.

How can you use children's literature to teach social and emotional skills? Find out in April's VPK Snapshots.


Book nooks provide a guide for teaching social and emotional skills, technology in preschool and celebrating the Week of the Young Child in the April issue of VPK Snapshots.

Professional development opportunities for providers throughout Florida and more news in April's Early Learning Update.


Several early learning coalitions are offering professional development training or conferences to providers. Find out more in the April edition of Early Learning Update.

Dealing with your preschooler's temper tantrums can be tough. Find out the best ways to minimize their meltdown in the April Parents' Pages.


Read about ways to manage your child's meltdowns, safety tips and checklists for Safe Kids Day, social development timeline for 3- to 5-year-olds and more in the April Parents' Pages.

New technology increases talk between young children and caregivers. Find out how and read more early learning news in March's Early Learning Update.


A program that measures talk helps boost interaction with young children, an early learning coalition calls on parents to "Unplug and Connect" and more in coalition news.

You may have heard about the "terrible twos," but what should you expect from your 2-year-old? Find out in the March Parents' Pages.


Read about your toddler's social development timeline, St. Patrick's Day, Children's Week in Florida, National Nutrition and Read Aloud months, and more in the March Parents' Pages.