Early Learning


Teaching Math to Young Children 

How can early childhood educators best teach math to children in preschool and prekindergarten? Teaching Math to Young Children is a practice guide that offers evidence-based recommendations, tools and strategies teachers can use in their classrooms. There are several versions available to download: the entire document as well as formats for smartphone and Kindle. Busy teachers may find this six-page summary 5 Evidence-Based Recommendations for Teaching Math to Young Children a time-saver. The guide is geared to teachers, administrators and other educators who want to build a strong foundation for later math learning. 


A Child Becomes a Reader

When does a child begin to read? Researchers say that children start from the day they are born. A Child Becomes a Reader is about proven ideas from research for parents including easy tips for playing, talking and reading with your child that will help him become a good reader and writer later in life.