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Learn Through Play

Learning does not have to be hard work. In fact, when learning is part of a game, a fun activity or an everyday routine, it may stick longer than if it were a separate lesson. Here are some ways to blend learning with play.

Learning Can Be a Game

Play with Me! Fun Activities that Support Early Learning

Learning activities that parents and grandparents can play with children from birth to 3 years. (In English and Spanish.)

Let's Play! Parenting App

Let's Play! gives parents and grandparents fun ideas to keep babies and toddlers entertained while they're learning, especially during daily routines like commuting, doing chores, bedtime and bath-time, mealtime and shopping. All of the activities reflect children's typical skills at each age and are designed to support development in the context of play and family routines.

Babies on the Homefront: Free Mobile App for Military Families

This free app gives parents access to a variety of play-time activities to engage their babies and toddlers in learning. (In English and Spanish.)