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Issued Program Guidance

Revised and reissued June 1, 2016. Effective July 1, 2016.

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100-199 Office of Early Learning
       100 General Provisions
              101.02 Records Confidentiality
       102 Early Learning Advisory Council

200-299 Early Learning Coalitions

       200 General Provisions
       202 Reports and Plans

              202.80 Early Learning Coalitions Annual Report
                          202.80(A) Annual Report Template
                          202.80(B) Disenrollment Description Table
       206 Coalition Governance
       210 Contractors
       220 Program Quality and Standards
       240 Finance and Budget

              240.01 Cash Management Procedures
                          240.01(A) School Readiness Deposit Form
                          240.01(B) Voluntary Prekindergarten Deposit Form
  240.01(C) Interest Income Sample Calculation
              240.02 Tangible Personal Property
                          240.02(A) Property Tag Assignment Form
                          240.02(B) Master Property Inventory Form
                          240.02(C) Surplus Property Form
                          240.02(D) Surplus Property Affidavit
              240.03 Collection of Delinquent Accounts
              240.04 School Readiness Funds Management
              240.05 Prior Approval
                          240.05(I) Prior Approval Request Form
                          240.05(II) Individual Prior Approval Request Form
  240.05(III) Prior Approval Reference Guide
              240.06 Reimbursement Request Requirements
                          240.06(I) SR Invoice Manual
                          240.06(II) VPK Invoice Manual
                          240.06(III) OAMI Invoice Manual
                          240.06(IV) ELPFP Invoice Manual
              240.07 Enrollment and Quality Expenditures for Early Learning Programs
        240.09 Reobligation of Returned Restitution
              240.10 Travel 
      240.10(I) Clarifying Instructions
              240.10(II) Travel Questions and Answers
              240.20 Tracking Costs for Disasters
       250 Accountability
              250.01 Other Cost Accumulators (OCA)
                          250.01(I) OCA Working Definitions
                          250.01(II) OCA Short and Long Titles

300-399 Application and Data Services
       300 General Provisions
       320 Data Quality
       340 Data Dictionary

400-499 School Readiness Programs
       400 General Provisions - new
400.01 Federal Poverty Guidelines
                          400.01(A) Plan Amendment Justification of Co-Payments Above 10  
                                            Percent of Gross Family Income
                          400.01(B) 2018 Sliding Fee Schedule Memo
                          400.01(C) 2018 Sliding Fee Schedule Model
       404 Child Eligibility
              404.01 School Readiness Program Transfers
       408 Provider Eligibility
       410 Enrollment and Attendance
       420 Program Quality and Standards
420.01 Early Learning Performance Funding Project (ELPFP)
420.01(I) ELPFP Provider Application Guide
420.01(II) ELPFP Provider Selection and Budget Guide
420.01(III) ELPFP Contract Guide
420.01(IV) ELPFP Notifications and Dates Table
       430 Monitoring and Performance Evaluations
       440 Finance and Budget
              440.10 Match Reporting Guidance
                          440.10(I) Instructions for Local Match Reporting
                          440.10(II) In-Kind Match Requests
                          440.10(III) Match Reporting In-Kind Flow Chart
                          440.10(IV) ELC Match Raising, Fundraising and Grant Writing
                          440.10(D) Sample Valuation of In-Kind Approval Forms
                                            (D-1g) Donation of Goods, Equipment or Furniture
                                            (D-1r) Use of Office Furniture or Equipment
                                            (D-1s) Use of Building and/or Office Space
                                            (D-1v) Volunteer Service
                          440.10(E) In-Kind Flow Chart
                          440.10(F) In-Kind Benefit Form
                          440.10(G) In-Kind Approval Letter
                          440.10(H) Six Percent Working Poor Benefit Form
                          440.10(I) Match Documentation and Certification Requirement
             440.50 VPK Wrap Rates
             440.60 Reporting Expenditures on Teenage Parent Programs (TAPP) for
                          Federal Matching-Fund Requirements
                          440.60(A) Instructions for Completing TAPP Supplemental
                                            Information Form
                          440.60(B) TAPP Supplemental Information Form

500-599 Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program
               500 General Provisions
               504 Child Eligibility
               508 Provider Eligibility
508.06 Requirements for VPK Director Credential
                      508.20 Prohibition Against VPK Providers and School Requiring a
                                  Child to Enroll for Supplemental Services as a Condition of
                                  Admittance in the VPK Program
                      508.21 Prohibition Against VPK Providers and Schools Requiring
                                  Payment of a Fee or Charge for Services Provided in the VPK
                      508.22 Prohibited Forms of Discrimination in the VPK Program
               510 Enrollment and Attendance
510.50 School District Minimum Funding
               520 Program Quality and Standards
520.03 Instructional Hours for the VPK Program
               530 Compliance Verification
               540 Finance and Budget

600-699 Child Care Resource and Referral
               600 General Program Requirements
600.01 CCR&R Program Requirements

700-799 Other Early Learning Programs
              710 Child Care Executive Partnership
              720 Resource and Referral
              730 Even Start
              740 HIPPY
              750 Redlands Christian Migrant Association
              760 TEACH
              770 Teenage Parent Program

800-899 (RESERVED)
900-999 (RESERVED)       

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