There are many programs and learning opportunities available to parents who have children with unique abilities. Here are some of them.


Talks with Families
Highlights of preschool programming for children with special challenges, an overview of Florida law, developing an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and the family's role on the IEP team.

Understanding IEPs
Explains what an IEP is; what's included in the document; who is on the IEP team; related services and supplementary aids and services; mediation and due process; the role and rights of parents on the team; the link between the IEP and services for the child; getting ready for the IEP meeting; and website links.

The Transition Process
Understanding the family's role in the transition process from Early Steps to Pre-K Exceptional Student Education services as well as the timeline.

Specialized Instructional Services Education Program
Information about this additional option for parents of 4-year-old children with unique abilities.