It is never too early to read with a child. And it's one of the easiest and best ways to help your baby get on the path to learning that will last a life time. There are also some simple things you can do with your little one to help them get a head start on math!


Every Day is a Reading and Writing Day! 
Multimedia program with resources to help young children and families make the most of everyday opportunities to talk, read and write together.

Tips for Parents of Children Ages 0-2
Fun, simple ways to enjoy talking, reading and writing with your baby or toddler as you go about daily life.

CELL Podcasts for Parents of Infants
How-to podcasts help parents prepare their infants for reading include Baby's First Games; Infant Finger Drawing; Sights and Sounds; Baby's First Picture Books and more.

CELL Podcasts for Parents of Toddlers
Help toddlers be ready for reading with tips from these podcasts: Art of Writing; Sound Play; Act Natural; Listen Up! and others. 

Baby and Toddler Math Activities
Math activities you can do at home with your baby or toddler.

Let's Talk About Math
Video series that focuses on early math for ages birth to 3. 

CELLpops and Posters for Parents and Teachers
Mini-posters show simple ways to include early reading skills in daily activities and routines. The CELL Pops are interactive versions of the posters for use with infants and toddlers.