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Summer Learning

Have a “Wonder-filled” Summer!

Summer offers you the time to encourage your child to wonder about the world around them. The more curious a child is about the things in their world, the more they will learn. Nurturing your child’s curiosity is one of the most important ways you can help your child become a lifelong learner. Wondering about something leads to open-ended questions that can be explored in many exciting ways. Using your child’s natural curiosity to expand their learning opportunities will lead to many fun activities for you and your child to enjoy. Use these resources and activities to create a “wonder-filled” summer full of learning and excitement.

S​​unshine & Standards

Find activities and resources specifically for your child’s age and stage of development. The Office of Early Learning’s Florida Learning and Developmental Standards page for families lets you choose an activity that fits the daily routine or exciting new adventure to plan with your child today. Find a book, an activity, an app, a video or a new website to explore with your child that supports one of the standards they need to learn or practice. Select your child’s age and find all of the resources you need to help them learn throughout the summer. Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards Page for Families

If your child will be attending kindergarten in the fall, check out the resources on the Transition to Kindergarten page.

As parents we want our children to continue learning even when school routines change. This summer the Office of Early Learning’s Summer Learning Page is all about providing families wonder-filled summer activities and resources to engage their babies and toddlers in learning and exploring the world around them.

Here are some resources to help your baby or toddler began learning by nurturing their curiosity.

Just in Time Parenting is a resource for parents of children (prenatal-five year olds). Parents can subscribe to receive monthly newsletters via email.

Vroom is a resource to empower parents and caregivers. Vroom Tips offer opportunities to boost your child’s learning during the time you already spend with your child.

Let’s Talk about STEM is a resource from Zero to Three that will help you discover ways to support your child’s curiosity and learning. STEM skills help children to develop an understanding of science, technology, engineering and math. Children develop STEM skills beginning at birth. How? Through daily play, exploration, and interactions with you. This series of videos in English and Spanish help you understand the development of STEM skills in young children.

So much of STEM learning is what young children already do quite naturally: Ask questions, be curious, experiment, wonder What will happen if…, build and create, use tools to solve problems, and explore the people, things, and creatures in the world around them. Supporting STEM skills in the early years is really about nurturing your child’s curiosity and inborn drive to explore, learn and discover.

June Summer Activity Calendar

July Summer Activity Calendar

Your preschooler asks questions and wonders about everything in their world. They are so excited when they learn new facts or new skills or discover something they think is amazing. Nurture their curiosity and encourage their questions so your child will become a lifelong learner.  Use these resources to provide your child with wonder-filled activities and adventures during the summer.

June and July Ready Freddy Calendars

Vroom is a free app for parents and caregivers.  Vroom Tips help you find activities to use to support your child’s learning during daily routines and free time spent with your child.

I Wonder...

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