Back-to-School COUNTDOWN!

   Countdown 3-2-1...       Day 1!        Liftoff 

> Get list of school supplies and materials needed from school
> Check car or booster seat needed for age/weight compliance

Plan Ahead
> Verify transportation arrangements (routes, bus, car, etc.)
> Create menu of nutritious lunches and snacks for your child's school day
> Put required items in child's backpack ahead of time and place it near the door
> Check your child's health and shot records for up-to-date immunizations
> Establish morning and bedtime routines for your child
> Use a calendar and have your child count down the days until school starts
> Attend school orientations so your child can meet the teacher and see the school
> Read stories about starting kindergarten or preschool and discuss fun things they will do at school

> List your child's emergency contacts, allergies and pertinent medical information to provide to the school
> Discuss your child's special needs with the school

Saying Goodbye
> Put a picture of a loved one in his backpack
> Write a special note to your child and put in her backpack
> Follow teacher's or school's advice on saying goodbye

Sharing Important Information
> Provide teacher with emergency and medical information needed
> Record school and teacher's contact information for quick access

After School
> Read information sent home from school, place important dates on calendar and complete forms that need to be returned
> Ask your child to tell you about or draw a picture of a special first-day activity at school
> Maintain bedtime routine
> Review school schedule for the second day 

School and Home
> Attend family activities at school
> Attend family/teacher conferences
> Find ways to be involved in the classroom
> Set aside time for learning activities at home
> Read with your child daily

                      ATTENTION, PARENTS!                          

Kindergarten Screening

All kindergarten students are required to participate in the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener in the first 30 days of kindergarten. Kindergarten students who attend public schools will be screened automatically. If your child will attend kindergarten in a non-public school, you are responsible for having your child screened. Be sure to check with your child's kindergarten school to make sure your child is screened. You will find more information in the following flyers.


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