Kindergarten Screening

Kindergarten students remaining attentive during class.

Your child will be screened during the first 30 days of school using the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener -- Star Early LiteracyThe results of this screening provide valuable information about a child's readiness for school, help teachers develop lesson plans to address each child's readiness, meet their individual needs and offer useful information to parents. The FLKRS-Star Early Literacy measures early language and number skills based on performance standards approved for VPK.

Children take the assessment by themselves on a computer. It is in a game-like format, similar to apps children may use. The assessment is adaptive, meaning questions get harder or easier depending on how each child responds. The computer "knows" which question to ask next based on a child's previous response. Children usually complete the assessment in 15-20 minutes.

Practice questions and a computer mouse tutorial are available so children can become used to the format before taking the assessment. A practice resource is also available.

If you have any questions about the screening process, please contact your child's teacher.