Talk with your child about what to expect when school starts. Begin reading him storybooks each day about the first day of school or going to a new school. Talk about the stories and ask how his feelings about starting school may be like or different from the characters in the stories. Listen to this song from Ed Sheeran as seen on Sesame Street and talk about how feelings about school and home are the same or different.


Orienting Your Child With the Class

Attend any orientations or meetings that your child's school may offer for parents before school starts. Attend the school orientation so your child can meet the teacher and become familiar with the new classroom and fellow students.

Have your child practice saying his first and last name and his parents' first and last names. It is important your child also remembers his address and his parents' phone numbers.

Traveling To and From School

Plan your route to school and/or secure transportation ahead of time. This will help alleviate any first day jitters. Drive, ride a bus or walk your child from your home to school several times. Talk about the type of transportation your child will take to and from school each day.