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The Office of Early Learning is partnering with the Florida Department of Education for Family Engagement Month in November 2017. Throughout the month, we will be sharing resources on social media to provide ideas for families to be more engaged in their child's well-being and education using #EngagedFamiliesFL.

For ideas about how to get engaged, check out the Family Engagement Month calendar for daily activity ideas. You can also view our Pinterest board for more resources.

Children are more likely to do better in school—and throughout life—when parents get involved with their education. Research shows that’s true, regardless of family income or background.

Florida Department of Education logoThe Florida Department of Education’s Family and Community Outreach has a list of resources and information for parents and guardians.

United States Department of Education logoThe United States Department of Education’s Parent and Family Engagement site is another good resource to support family engagement in schools, homes and the community.

The Harvard Family Research Project logoThe Harvard Family Research Project offers resources and information on effective ways to support family involvement in children's learning and development.

Head Start logoHead Start provides resources on parent, family and community engagement.

The public library association logo.For schools and libraries, family engagement means respectful partnerships that offer the information, guidance and opportunities for families to be active in their children's learning and development.

National Association for the Education of Young Children logoFind out what family engagement looks like in action from the National Association for the Education of Young Children

Child Care Aware of American logoChild Care Aware supports family involvement in improving children's lives.

Edutopia's logoExplore tips, strategies and resources to help improve the connection from home to school and expand parent involvement with Edutopia's Resource Roundup.

National Parent Teacher Association logoThe National Parent Teacher Association is the vehicle through which engaged parents can accomplish great things for their children and ensure their overall success. The comprehensive resources can help parents get involved and stay involved.

ECTA logoThe Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center for Families is designed to help families understand their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), connect with other families and find high-quality resources related to caring for infants, toddlers and young children with disabilities. The Center relies on families to share their views and help make sure their work and their products are useful to families and reflect the needs and perspectives of families.