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Forms for Providers

Forms for School Readiness and VPK Providers

School Readiness

New Early Learning Coalition SR Plan Guide

Form OEL-SR 115 October 2018 School Readiness Plan Guide

SR Provider Contracts Effective July 1, 2019

Form OEL-SR 20 Statewide Provider Contract

Form OEL-SR 20L Licensed Provider Responsibilities

Form OEL-SR 20LE Licensed Exempt Provider Responsibilities

Form OEL-SR 20FFN Informal Provider Responsibilities

Form OEL-SR 20A Amendment to Statewide Provider Contract

New SR Provider Contract Monitoring Tool

Form OEL-SR 20M School Readiness Provider Contract Monitoring Tool


Instructions for Forms OEL-VPK 10, 11A, & 11B 04-30-10

Form OEL-VPK 03S Short Attendance Verification 02-14-07

Form OEL-VPK 03L Long Attendance Verification 02-14-07

Form OEL-VPK 05 Reenrollment Application (May 2016)

Form OEL-VPK 07 Voluntary Prekindergarten Handbook

Form OEL-VPK 10 Statewide Provider Application 06-13-13

Form OEL-VPK11A, Class Registration Application – Instructors 06-13-13

Form OEL-VPK11B, Class Registration Application – Calendars 06-13-13

Form OEL-VPK 25 Training Requirements

Approved Staff Development Plan for VPK Providers on Probation

Exhibit A: Staff Observation
Exhibit B: Monthly Feedback Template
Exhibit C: Assessment Results Meeting Template

Form OEL-VPK 20 Statewide VPK Provider Contract (October 2018)

Form OEL-VPK 20PP Private Provider Attachment Form (October 2018)

Form OEL-VPK 20PS Public School Attachment Form (October 2018)

Form OEL-VPK 20A Amendment to Statewide Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Contract (October 2018)

Form OEL-VPK 20B Logotype Usage and Brand Guidelines (October 2016)

VPK Specialized Instructional Services

Form OEL-VPK 01S SIS Supplemental Application - June 2014

Form OEL-VPK 02S Part A Certificate of Eligibility - June 2014

Form OEL-VPK 02S Part B Schedule of Services - June 2014

Form OEL-VPK 20S SIS Provider Agreement - June 2014