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School Readiness Curriculum

School Readiness Curriculum Approval

Legislation requires the Office of Early Learning to adopt a list of approved curricula that meet the School Readiness Program performance standards and to establish a process for reviewing and approving a provider's curriculum to assess whether it meets the standards. The 2014-2015 list of curricula approved for use in school readiness programs is available below and will expire June 30, 2020. The revised Approved School Readiness curriculum list is available below and will continue to grow on an annual basis to include curricula which is submitted, evaluated and approved. The School Readiness curriculum list will be updated annually after each evaluation period (January/February). The annual School Readiness curriculum submission period is open May 1 to June 30.

Questions about the school readiness curriculum approval process may be sent to

Form 7101 School Readiness Policies and Procedures for Curriculum Approval
Form 7102 Curriculum Approval Specifications
Form 7104 SR Curriculum Application and Self-Assessment
Form 7104B SR Curriculum Application for Minimal Revisions
Form 7107 SR Curriculum Evaluation Reconsideration

2020 Approved School Readiness Curricula

Click the link above to access the 2020 approved School Readiness Curricula list.

Approved School Readiness Curricula

Please click on a title below to open a PDF document that lists each title's curriculum materials and any available supplemental items. These documents may be used as resources while providers make decisions regarding curriculum selection. The following list will expire on June 30, 2020.

Curriculum Name Edition/Year Age Range
Baby Doll Circle Time 2012 Birth through 3
Beyond Centers & Circle Time 2nd/2007 3 and 4
Beyond Cribs & Rattles 1st/2005 Birth through 2
Core Knowledge Preschool Program 2013 3 and 4
Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care 2nd/2009 Birth through 4
Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, & Twos 2nd/2011 Birth through 2
Creative Curriculum for Preschool 5th/2010 3 and 4
Complete Program for Early Literacy Success - Level Two 1st/2012 4
DLM Early Childhood Express 2011 4
Early Literacy and Learning Model Plus (ELLM) 2nd/2012 3 and 4
Edu 1st VESS Curriculum 1st Birth through 4
Empowered Child # 5th/2011-2013 3 and 4
FLEX Goddard Pre-K # n/a Birth through 4
Footsteps for Fours 2nd/2009 4
Foundations for Success 2012 Birth through 2
Frog Street Pre-K 1st/2013 3 and 4
Frog Street Toddler 1st/2014 18 months through 2
Frog Street Summer 2014 4
FunShine Online 2014 Birth through 4
Galileo Pre-K Online Online/2014 3 and 4
Gee Whiz Digital Curriculum for Family Care Providers 2013 Birth through 4
Get Set for School 1st/2012 4

Curriculum Name Edition/Year Age Range
HighScope Infant & Toddler Curriculum 2nd/2011 Birth through 2
HighScope Preschool Curriculum 1st/2012 3 and 4
Innovations: The Comprehensive Infant, Toddler Preschool Curriculum 1st/2000-2004 Birth through 4
InvestiGator Club Just for Threes 2010 3
InvestiGator Club 2010 4
Journey # 2nd/2013 3 and 4
Kiddie Academy Life Essentials # 2007-2013 Birth through 4
Kids R Kids # 2013 Birth through 4
Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Discovery Infants # 2004 Birth through 8 months
Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Discovery Preschool # 2004 18 months through 2
Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Preschool # 2013 3
Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Toddlers # 2004 8 through 18 months
Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Prekindergarten # 2013 4
Learn Every Day & Nemours Brightstart! Superset 1st/2012 3 and 4
Learn Every Day for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos 1st/2013 Birth through 2
Learn from the Start # 1st/2013 Birth through 2
Learning Experience Academic Program (LEAP) # 2014 Birth through 4
Let's Begin with the Letter People 4th/2009 3 and 4
LifeSmart # 5th/2011-2013 3 and 4
Links to Early Learning 2006-2011 3 and 4
Literacy Express 2014 3 and 4
Little Treasures 2011 4

Curriculum Name Edition/Year Age Range
Montessori* n/a Birth through 4
Mother Goose Time Little Goose Curriculum 2014 18 months through 2
Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum 2014 3 and 4
O2B Kids # 7th/2014 Birth through 4
Opening the World of Learning 2011-2014 4
Pathways for Preschool 2nd/2011 2 and 3
Pinnacle 2nd/2005 Birth through 4
Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K English 1st/2010 3 and 4
Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K English/Spanish 1st/2011 3 and 4
Splash into Pre-K 1st/2012 4
Starfall Pre-K Curriculum 1st/2013 4
STEMscopes Early Explorer 1st 3 and 4
Tools of the Mind 7th/2011 3 and 4
We Can 2nd/2014 3 and 4
Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Infants & Toddlers 2000 Birth through 24 months
Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Two-Year-Olds 1997 2
Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Three-Year-Olds 1996 3
Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Four-Year-Olds 2007 Pre-K
World at their Fingertips # 2014 Birth through 4

# Designates proprietary curricula, not available for purchase.
* Montessori is approved for use with a Montessori-certified teacher per program.