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Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five


Preschool Development Grant

Birth through Five (PDG B-5)​ Overview

The Florida Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning (OEL) has been awarded a Preschool Development Grant Birth through Five (PDG B-5) for $8,520,000. The grant period is Dec. 31, 2018 to Dec. 30, 2019.

Through the PDG B-5 grant, Florida seeks to implement measures that will build on existing framework and infrastructure to increase the quality, alignment and efficiency of Florida's early childhood care and education (ECE) mixed-delivery system of programs and services.

Florida's PDG B-5 proposes the following:

  • Build on the statewide needs assessment portal to enable better assessment of needs, access and quality for informed data-driven policy solutions;
  • Create a strategic plan for a comprehensive statewide ECE mixed-delivery system;
  • Streamline policies and enrollment, improve access and availability of high-quality ECE programs and services for families, increase family engagement, and provide high-quality consumer education for families across funding streams, programs and services; and
  • Increase access to effective quality improvement strategies by developing standards for and expanding access to professional development, coaching and related supports that improve kindergarten readiness and early grade success.

The two fundamental activities of the grant are to complete a comprehensive ECE Needs Assessment and develop a statewide Strategic Plan. The results of the Needs Assessment are expected to highlight gaps/opportunities in Florida’s ECE mixed-delivery system and inform development of the Strategic Plan.

The Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan must be completed before OEL can begin the quality activities described in Activity Five of the grant application. Successfully completing these activities will position Florida to receive additional awards to continue this work for up to three years, providing benefit to Florida’s children and families.

Expected outcomes of the grant include:

  • Improving data-driven system coordination and policy decisions
  • Increasing family access and engagement
  • Creating a high-quality comprehensive system of early childhood care and education
  • Providing equitable access to quality
  • Quality improvement and professional development

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