My First Day of VPK

Your child will soon be starting their very first day of voluntary prekindergarten. This is a huge milestone worth celebrating!

No doubt, you’ll be taking a few pictures on your child’s first day of VPK. You can make the occasion even more memorable by downloading and printing our “My First Day of VPK” flyer.

Then, use #1stDayVPK when posting your photos on social media. The Office of Early Learning will be sharing #1stDayVPK tagged pictures on our social media pages through the beginning of September this 2017–2018 school year. You can follow along using #1stDayVPK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We are excited to see all of your #1stDayVPK pictures and we hope you and your family enjoy all the new adventures in this coming year!

First Day Tips

  • Arrive early and allow enough time for your child to become familiar with their classroom and teacher before you say goodbye.
  • Plan the night before and visualize the day. Help your child know what to expect and let them imagine how their first day will go.
  • Don’t try and sneak away to prevent a meltdown. Accept that saying goodbye will be emotional, but remind her that she'll be safe and will have fun at her new school. Even if she runs off to play with friends, make sure to let her know that you are leaving.
  • Practice getting ready in the morning, packing lunch and even driving to the school before the first day to help your child get familiar with this new routine.
  • Let your child know how proud you are of him even before he takes his first step into the classroom.
To find more ideas and advice on your child's first day of preschool, follow our "My First Day of VPK" Pinterest board. 

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