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Voluntary Prekindergarten

VPK Program and Policy Contacts

Name Phone (850) Position Email Address
General 866-357-3239
Suzanne Adinolfi 773-425-2564 Regional Facilitator
Shana Beiro 717-8694 Government Operations Consultant
Latasha Carr 717-8601 Administrative Assistant
Mary Ann Goodrich 727-729-0207 Regional Facilitator
Wendee Hooker 717-8655 Educational Policy Director
Cassandra Jackson 717-8583 Educational Policy Consultant
Amanda Moore 904-718-0723 Regional Facilitator
Ana Roa 305-801-4853 Regional Facilitator
Gary Sabitsch 717-8582 Director, Accountability and Quality Assurance
Heather Sargent 561-628-0250 Regional Facilitator
Melinda Webster 717-8696 Program Specialist IV