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VPK Progress Monitoring Program Pilot

VPK Progress Monitoring Program Pilot

The Division of Early Learning will implement a voluntary, two-year VPK Progress Monitoring Program Pilot using the Star Early Literacy Assessment with private and public VPK providers during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 VPK School Year Programs.

The pilot will provide the opportunity for providers to have data consistency between VPK and Kindergarten for the next two years.

The Star Early Literacy Assessment will be used to assess VPK students participating in the Pilot during the first 30 calendar days of the school year VPK program (AP1), mid-year (AP2), and the last 30 calendar days (AP3) of the school year program. Providers should set their AP1 and AP3 screening windows within the pilot site (instructions are available under the Implementation section), the AP2 screening window has already been set for all providers. Throughout the school year, the assessment will also be available for ongoing progress monitoring, as needed for students. The Star Early Literacy Assessment Data will be used by VPK instructors and administrators to assist in planning for instruction.

Renaissance Place Help Desk: 1-800-338-4204 or 

Division of Early Learning VPK Star Pilot Email:

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Star Early Literacy (SEL)

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