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Voluntary Prekindergarten

VPK Curriculum

Each VPK provider's curriculum must be developmentally appropriate, designed to prepare a student for early literacy, enhance age-appropriate student progress in attaining state-adopted performance standards, and prepare students to be ready for kindergarten based on the statewide kindergarten screening as described in Section 1002.67(2)(b), Florida Statutes. VPK providers may select or design the curriculum for their classrooms, unless they are on probation as a result of their kindergarten readiness rates falling below the minimum rate.

Legislation implementing the VPK Education Program requires private providers and public schools that have been placed on probation as a result of their kindergarten readiness rates falling below the minimum rate to use approved curricula.

NEW! 2018 Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program Curriculum Approval Process

VPK Curriculum Approval Process requirements are outlined in Florida Administrative Rule 6M-8.604, formerly Rule 6A-1.099825: VPK Curriculum Approval Process. Only comprehensive curricula are reviewed for approval. In order to be considered comprehensive, the materials submitted must stand alone and cover all domains found in the performance standards approved for use in VPK programs (Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards: 4 Years Old to Kindergarten) (PDF).

Questions concerning the VPK Curriculum Approval Process may be sent to or

Timeframe Task/Forms Deadline (on or before)
Must be submitted within 14 calendar days of rule and supporting document publication
Submission Window: Aug. 20-31, 2018
  • Intent to Submit (Form VPK-Curr2)
  • Publisher Registration (Form VPK-Curr3)
  • Publisher Agreement (Form VPK-Curr4)
Friday, Aug. 31, 2018
Must be submitted within 45 calendar days of rule and supporting document publication.
Submission Window: Aug. 20-Oct. 3, 2018
  • Publisher’s Written Correlation
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Publisher’s Professional Development Plan
  • Publisher’s Overview Document
  •  Four full sets of curriculum materials
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
no material will be accepted after the submission deadlines
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018

Additional documents related to the VPK Curriculum Approval Process.

Approved VPK Curriculum Packages for use by programs on probation

Important News! - The Approved Curricula List of 2012 will expire August 1, 2019.  

Please click on a title below to open a PDF document that lists each title's curriculum materials and professional development required for compliance. Please note that the correct ISBN and/or edition must be purchased for compliance.

Curriculum Title Publisher
Beyond Centers and Circle Time (PDF, 587 KB) Kaplan Early Learning Company
Creative Curriculum (PDF, 176KB) Teaching Strategies, Inc.
DLM Early Childhood Express (PDF, 380KB) School Education Group, a division of The Mc-Graw-Hill Companies, Inc.
The Empowered Child (PDF, 66KB) Learning Care Group
Frog Street Pre-K (PDF, 200KB) Frog Street Press
Frog Street Pre-K Summer (PDF, 108KB) Frog Street Press
Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum (PDF, 515KB) Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI)
HighScope HighScope Educational Research Foundation
InvestiGator Club (PDF, 129KB) Robert-Leslie Publishing
Journey Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Learning Care Group
Learn Every Day and Nemours Bright Start (PDF, 168KB) Kaplan Early Learning Company
Let's Begin with the Letter People Comprehensive Program Abrams Learning Trends
LifeSmart Curriculum Learning Care Group
Little Treasures (PDF, 141KB) School Education Group, a division of The Mc-Graw-Hill Companies, Inc.
Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K (PDF, 723KB) Scholastic, Inc.
Splash into Pre-K Houghton Mifflin Harcourt