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Voluntary Prekindergarten

VPK Provider Improvement Process

Florida Statute 1002.69 requires the Office of Early Learning to adopt a minimum readiness rate that demonstrates a provider has delivered the VPK program satisfactorily. Providers who have a score below the minimum are required to submit an improvement plan. Rules 6M-8.700, 6M-8.701 and 6M-8.702 specify requirements for coalitions or school districts to approve an improvement plan for a VPK provider on probation.

Providers on probation are required to:

  • Year 1 — Submit an improvement plan for approval by the coalition or school district and implement the plan. The provider must select two target areas for improvement. The first target area is mandatory; providers must purchase and implement a DOE-approved curriculum or complete the DOE-Approved Staff Development Plan for Providers on Probation.
  • Year 2 — Remain on probation and submit a VPK Education Program Annual Probation Progress Report.
  • Year 3 — Apply for and be granted a good cause exemption or be removed from the VPK program for five years.

Providers must complete all steps of the improvement process electronically on the website.

Coalitions and school districts can review and track provider progress by logging into the secure area of the website and navigating to the OEL administrator's home page.