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Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Find resources and tools to increase family engagement here. 

Family engagement is the systematic inclusion of families as partners in a child’s development, learning and wellness, enabled by positive relationships between families and staff in early learning programs. The goal of family engagement is the conscious effort of the parents and/or other family members to engage in a child’s education and development by promoting positive behaviors and ensuring the child’s well-being. Research has shown that family engagement increases motivation, reduces behavioral problems and improves social-emotional development of children. Further, family engagement fosters school readiness skills in young children such as impulse control, attention, memory and planning skills. Family engagement supports children’s school readiness, promotes their school success and prepares them for life. It is important for all children and essential for those who have experienced trauma and other types of challenges.

Family engagement is a shared responsibility of the Division of Early Learning, early learning coalitions, early learning programs and providers to engage families in meaningful ways to actively support their children’s learning, development and wellness. It is the responsibility of families to actively participate in their children’s learning development and wellness. 

Children are more likely to do better in school—and throughout life—when parents get involved with their education. Research shows that’s true, regardless of family income or background.

The Florida Department of Education’s Family and Community Outreach has a list of resources and information for parents and guardians.

Family and Community Engagement