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About Learning

The Magic of Everyday Moments: Seeing Is Believing

These three sets of videos show parents how to focus on supporting their child's development and learning.

Series 1 Titles

Brain Wonders
Nurturing healthy brain development from birth.

Literacy Skills
The roots of reading start at birth.

Power of Play
Building skills while having fun.

What makes your child tick?        

Series 2 Titles

Development from Birth to 12 Months Old
Forming a trusting bond to nurture learning.

Development from 12 to 24 Months Old
Strong, positive connections and interactions fuel learning.

Development from 24 to 36 Months Old
New skills develop through play, routines and relationships.

School Readiness
Foundations in language, literacy, thinking and social-emotional skills.

Series 3 Titles

From Cries to Conversations
The development of communication skills from birth to 3.

Driven to Discover
How thinking skills develop through everyday play and exploration.

From Feelings to Friendships
Nurturing healthy social-emotional development in the early years.

Busy Bodies
How the development of physical skills supports learning.