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Children with Unique Abilities

All children have differences, gifts and abilities that make them unique. They grow and develop differently in all areas -- physical, mental, emotional and social. While there is no single set of developmental markers, there are guidelines that can be helpful for parents.

Recognizing Your Child's Unique Abilities

Developmental Screenings

...should be part of every well-baby visit. Screenings are a quick, simple way to monitor a child's healthy development. The earlier a developmental delay or disorder is detected, the better the potential for the child.

Hallmark Developmental Milestones

While each child develops differently, some differences may indicate a slight delay and others may be cause for greater concern. Milestones provide guidelines for tracking healthy development from 4 months to 3 years of age. Before your child's next visit to the physician, take time to see if your child has met key milestones. These milestones should not be used in place of a screening, but can be discussion points between parents and physicians at each well visit. If a child does not have the skills listed--or if there is a loss of any skill at any age--be sure to let your physician know.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Video Glossary

Learn about early signs of autism and related conditions. There is a video for each term related to identifying symptoms and treatments  of autism spectrum disorders.