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Infant & Toddler Practitioners

Infant and Toddler Practitioners

You hold the beginning of our future.

Who are infant and toddler practitioners?

Infant and toddler practitioners keep children safe and loved. They promote mental and social emotional health in children. They are present and engage with children throughout the day to capitalize on teachable moments. They stop, watch and take note of what children are interested in and what they are able to do. They also observe what infant and toddlers seem interested in learning how to do. Infant and toddler practitioners promote critical thinking by describing and using diverse language and full sentences to offer children the information they need to develop new understanding. They use simple explanations and reasoning to help children understand why things happen or to evaluate a choice. The way a child will view themselves and the world around them is deeply rooted in their relationship with their earliest caregivers. In many ways, infant and toddler practitioners hold the beginning of our future.

Where can I find support for infant and toddler practitioners?