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Your Career Pathway

Your Career Pathway

As an early learning professional, you can advance your career through formal education provided by colleges and universities and through informal educational opportunities offered by other training organizations. You are also required to take ongoing professional development to remain in your position.

You have choices, options and requirements. But how do you know what makes sense for you? By designing your own career pathway.

A career pathway builds on core knowledge. Competencies for practitioners in seven subject knowledge areas are organized from basic- to high-level skills across tiers. Each tier is a prerequisite to the next and presumes a practitioner has greater knowledge and skill than in the one preceding.

A career pathway provides direction for practitioners who want to move from entry level into professional careers in early childhood learning. It also includes structural support such as articulation of credentials and coordination among academic program providers. And it incorporates continuing professional development requirements, providing a road map of career opportunities within early care and education.