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School Readiness Curriculum

School Readiness Curriculum Approval

Legislation requires the Division of Early Learning to adopt a list of approved curricula that meet the School Readiness Program performance standards and to establish a process for reviewing and approving a provider's curriculum to assess whether it meets the standards. The revised Approved School Readiness curriculum list is available below and will continue to grow on an annual basis to include curricula which is submitted, evaluated and approved. The School Readiness curriculum list will be updated annually after each evaluation period. The annual School Readiness curriculum submission period is open May 1 to June 30.

Questions about the school readiness curriculum approval process may be sent to

Form 7101 School Readiness Policies and Procedures for Curriculum Approval
Form 7102 Curriculum Approval Specifications
Form 7104 SR Curriculum Application and Self-Assessment
Form 7104B SR Curriculum Application for Minimal Revisions
Form 7107 SR Curriculum Evaluation Reconsideration

2022 Approved School Readiness Curricula

Click the link above to access the 2022 approved School Readiness Curriculum list.