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Preschool Network

Preschool Network

In January 2018, the Office of Early Learning in collaboration with early learning coalitions, school districts and early learning providers, established the Preschool Network. The purpose of the Network is to encourage and promote community connections, share state and local resources and increase access to quality care that supports responsive relationships between teachers, preschoolers and their families. Through the development and use of the Preschool Quality Indicators, the Preschool Network is striving to ensure every early childcare provider offers a safe and healthy environment along with developmentally appropriate experiences and practices for the children they serve. 

The Preschool Network has several mission tasks, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • To enhance the exchange of communication between educators, parents and children.
  • To provide an arena for celebrating and birthing new ideas as they pertain to the success of early learners.
  • To Support the collaboration of all early learning partners.
  • To exploring new methods of implementation as they pertain to the care and education of early learners.
  • To develop policies, programs and supports that encourage the longevity and resilience of quality childcare in the preschool setting.


Preschool Quality Indicators 

Preschool Network Regional Map 

DEL Preschool Network Contact:  Hope Colle,