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Florida's Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy

Florida's Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy

The Coordinated Screening and Progress Monitoring Program is the statewide, standardized program known as Florida's Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy implemented in all VPK programs as required by s. 1002.68, F.S., that is used to assess student achievement of the performance standards established in s. 1002.67(1)(a), F.S., in early literacy and mathematics.

VPK Programs (school-year and summer) will begin implementation of the FAST using Star Early Literacy beginning in the 2022-2023 VPK Program Year.

Technical Assistance

Renaissance System Support: Users that need Renaissance System support should contact the Renaissance Place Help Desk and Technical Assistance Team at 1-800-338-4204 or by email at

Policy Questions? Contact the Division of Early Learning with questions related to FAST using Star Early Literacy implementation requirements. Select which best describes who you are: VPK Provider or VPK Parent and your information and questions will be submitted to the Division of Early Learning.


All VPK Programs have been assigned a testing site URL based on their early learning coalition. Each program should locate the testing site and corresponding URL to access the Star Early Literacy program in the VPK FAST 2022-2023 Kickoff Letter.

Login credentials have been provided to the VPK Program director listed in the Provider Portal. If you are the listed director and have not received the email notifications, please check the email address in the Provider Portal to make sure you are checking that inbox. If the listed email is correct, be sure you add as known email address so the messages are not blocked.

VPK Programs can located Next Steps for: rostering, informing families about assessment requirement, screening windows, accommodations, non-participation and additional resources available on the website in the VPK FAST 2022-2023 Next Steps.

Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy Family Letter - Aug 3, 2022

Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy Memo - May 20, 2022

Email to School Districts

Email to Early Learning Coalitions


To be qualified as a test administrator, an individual must be employed by a private VPK provider or school district; and complete, and document completion of, professional development training that is designed to ensure the proper administration of the assessment. Summer 2022 Webinar training sessions have concluded. VPK Program Directors Training Schedule click here and the VPK Program Instructors Training Schedule click here.

For anyone that needs to complete the training requirements can do so through Renaissance-U, using the: FAST Star Early Literacy Renaissance-U Enrollment Guidance.

If you are new to Renaissance-U, when completing the enrollment form, you will be asked to provide your Employee ID, enter your DCF Student ID. If you do not have this please enter, 00000. You will also be asked to provide your Location, enter the Early Learning Coalition your VPK Program is contracted with.

If you are an existing Renaissance-U user, you will need to email with a subject of “Update Renaissance-U Profile”, which must include your first and last name, email address, DCF Student ID, and early learning coalition location. This is so that your profile can be updated with the Employee Number field being updated to your DCF Student ID and the Location field to be updated to your early learning coalition (that your VPK Program is contracted with).

The Division of Early Learning will be working with the Department of Children and Families to have the VPK FAST Training Requirement listed on the DCF Transcript, as completed. Coalitions will have a Tableau report of participants by their coalition service area. Participants should carefully provide the correct information when registering for training so we can pull your records based on DCF Student ID and your coalition.

Additional Training through Renaissance

Smart Start and How-to Webinars are additional resources for Star professional learning. These resources can be accessed using the links below and through Renaissance-U. To access Renaissance-U, log into your Renaissance platform and select the Renaissance-U tile.

Smart Start is your self-guided journey through Star. Explore introductory videos and resources to help you master basic navigation and essential best practices. Use your students’ Star results to plan personalized instruction in three initial steps. You’ll be introduced to administering the test, using data from screening to group students, accordingly, and gleaning insights from the program to inform instruction.

Smart Start Link:

How-to Webinars are live and on-demand (recorded), professional learning opportunities designed to help you get the most out of your Renaissance solutions. The webinars are generally 45 minutes to an hour in length. Whether you are a new user or need a quick refresher, these webinars are a quick way to get set up for success.

There are three webinars for each Renaissance product that offered throughout the year and are organized as follows:

  • How to Get Started (GS)
  • How to Interpret Data (ID)
  • How to Enhance Instruction (EI)

How-to Webinar Link:


  • VPK Programs (school-year and summer) begin implementing the FAST using Star Early Literacy in the 2022-2023 VPK Program Year.
  • VPK Programs are required to administer the assessment three times within its program and must be administered by a qualified test administrator.
  • The assessment shall be administered individually or in a small group with no more than five students.
  • The assessment shall be administered in English.
  • The assessment shall be administered on a touchscreen device that is seven inches or larger with audio capabilities. Student headphones shall be used when administration occurs in group sizes of two to five students.
  • A broadband internet connection (DCL, satellite or cable) is required for administration of the assessment.
  • Testing accommodations shall be made in accordance with a student’s current Individual Educational Plan (IEP) of 504 Plan issued by the local school district.
  • Each coalition and school district shall assign a staff member to register and serve as the coalition or school district administrator for the assessment on behalf of the coalition of district.
  • The coalition and school district administrator shall access the vendor’s system reports during assessment windows to verify which VPK Programs have administered the assessment for PM1, PM2, and PM3.
  • Early Learning Coalitions shall document attempts to notify private and public school VPK program that have not administered the assessment for PM1, PM2, and PM3 of the private and public school provider’s responsibility to do so.
  • VPK Programs are required to provide a student’s performance results from the assessment to the student’s parents within seven calendar days after the administration of the assessment. VPK Programs must provide the Star Parent Report. The Star Parent Report provides a printable informational letter for parents or guardians and is available in English and Spanish. The link to running instructions can be found here:

Technology Needs 

Do you have needs or questions about technology for implementation of FAST using Star Early Literacy in your VPK Program? Your local early learning coalition has technology resources and is available to assist. Please contact your local coalition for additional details.

Administration Schedule 

Private and public school VPK Programs shall administer the assessment during PM1, PM2, and PM3, as followed:
PM1: Is the first thirty (30) instructional days of the VPK class schedule beginning with the first VPK instructional day.
PM2: Is the period of time in a VPK class schedule where at least 40% of the instructional hours have been completed and no more than 60% of the instructional hours have been completed.
PM3: Is the last thirty (30) instructional days of the VPK class schedule ending on the last VPK instructional day.

VPK programs will not need to set screening windows, Renaissance is calculating the screening windows for VPK Programs within the system.

VPK Program can use the FAST-Star Early Literacy Administration Schedule to know when they are required to administer the assessment.


VPK Program Administrators and Instructors should be familiar with the Administration ResourcesReports, and the Star Early Literacy Score Definitions.

Family Guide to Star Assessments along with the Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy Family Letter - Aug 3, 2022 can be used to provide families with information related to implementation.

The following FAQs are available to coalitions, VPK Program administrators and teachers to assist with implementation.

FAST-Star Early Literacy FAQs Early Learning Coalitions Updated September 8, 2022

FAST-Star Early Literacy FAQs for VPK Programs Updated September 12, 2022