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VPK Assessment

VPK Pre- and Post-Assessment

Florida law requires all private and public VPK providers to administer the pre- and post-assessment to all children attending a VPK program (Section 1002.67(3), Florida Statutes). The requirements for 2016-17 include the use of VPK Assessment. All VPK providers are responsible for complying with administration and reporting results by specified deadlines. There are two rules that pertain to VPK pre- and post-assessment:

Rule 6A-1.09433, Florida Administrative Code, identifies the instruments to be used for pre- and post-assessment, who can administer the instruments and training assessors must have.

Rule 6M-8.620, Florida Administrative Code, outlines how to order materials, reporting results, deadlines, responsibilities of each early learning coalition and consequences for non-compliance.

FAQ Document - VPK Pre- and Post-Assessment, September 2016

Description of VPK Assessment Measures

The VPK Assessment includes progress monitoring measures in the areas of print knowledge, phonological awareness, mathematics, and oral language/vocabulary that are aligned with the Standards for Four-Year Olds.

For background information and on overview of VPK Assessment data, please view this document: Florida VPK Assessment: An Overview (May 2016) (PDF, 140 KB).

VPK Assessment Online Reporting System

The Department of Education has developed the VPK Assessment Online Reporting System to provide teachers with a user-friendly tool to track children’s progress in attaining the skills in the Standards for Four-Year Olds, so that teachers may use this information to guide instructional decisions in the VPK classroom.

The VPK Assessment Online Reporting System is available to all registered providers free of charge. This system allows VPK teachers to enter each child’s assessment results and then analyze children’s data in order to plan lessons that meet the individual needs of all children.

The VPK Assessment Online Reporting System has the capacity to:

  • Create individual, classroom and center-level reports to track progress.
  • Link the assessment data to instructional strategies and resources that are aligned with the Standards of Four-Year Olds.
  • Create a letter to parents about their child’s performance on each assessment measure.


Should you have questions regarding the Florida VPK Assessment and/or the online reporting system please contact the VPK Assessment Help Desk.

  • By Email:
  • By Phone: local 850-645-0835, toll-free 1-844-545-4777
  • Hours: Monday to Thursday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Friday - 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST


VPK Teacher Toolkit – The Florida VPK Assessment - This toolkit folder includes valuable information for teachers to develop understanding of the VPK Assessment, proper administration resources available for VPK providers.

Psychometric Properties of the Florida VPK Assessments in Use State-Wide: Data from the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 VPK Years (June 2014) - This study analyzes the function and use of the VPK Assessment by providers.

Florida VPK Assessment Measures Technical Manual (October 2011) - This document outlines the overview and development, reliability and validity of the VPK Assessment.