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VPK Assessment & FLKRS

About Assessments in VPK and Kindergarten Screening

VPK Pre- and Post-Assessments

Florida law requires all private and public VPK providers to administer pre- and post-assessments to all children attending a VPK program. All VPK providers are responsible for administering the assessments and reporting results by specific deadlines. There are two rules that pertain to VPK pre- and post-assessments:

Rule 6A-1.09433, Florida Administrative Code (FAC), identifies the instruments to be used for pre- and post-assessment, who can administer the instruments and training required for assessors.

Rule 6M-8.620, FAC, outlines how to order materials, reporting results, deadlines, each early learning coalition's responsibilities and the consequences for not complying.

Description of VPK Assessment Measures

The VPK Assessment includes progress monitoring measures in print knowledge, phonological awareness, mathematics and oral language/vocabulary areas that are aligned with the Early Learning and Developmental Standards: 4 Years Old to Kindergarten (2017).

VPK Assessment Online Reporting System

A VPK Assessment Online Reporting System provides teachers a user-friendly tool to track children’s progress in attaining skills in the Standards for Four-Year Olds. Teachers are able to use this information to guide instructional decisions in the VPK classroom.

The online reporting system is available to all registered providers free of charge. VPK teachers can enter each child’s assessment results and analyze children’s data to plan lessons that meet individual needs of all children.

The system has the capacity to

  • Create individual, classroom and center-level reports to track progress.
  • Link assessment data to instructional strategies and resources aligned with the Standards for Four-Year-Olds.
  • Create a letter to parents about their child’s performance on each assessment measure.


Should you have questions regarding the Florida VPK Assessment and/or the online reporting system, please contact the VPK Assessment Help Desk.


VPK Readiness Rates

Frequently Asked Questions about VPK Assessments (PDF)

Psychometric Properties of the Florida VPK Assessments in Use State-Wide: Data from the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 VPK Years (June 2014) - Analyzes the function and use of the VPK Assessment by providers.

Florida VPK Assessment Measures Technical Manual (October 2011) - Outlines VPK Assessment's overview, development, reliability and validity.

The Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener

The purpose of the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS) is to gather information about a child's overall development and address each student's readiness for kindergarten based on the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for 4-Year-Olds to Kindergarten. FLKRS has also been used to calculate VPK Provider Kindergarten Readiness Rates, which measure how well a VPK provider prepares 4-year-olds to be ready for kindergarten.

History of Kindergarten Screening in Florida

Kindergarten screening has long been used to give kindergarten teachers instructional information about children who are entering kindergarten. Before 1997, kindergarten screening varied among school districts until statewide kindergarten screening for all public school kindergarten students began.

History of Kindergarten Assessment in Florida - August 2018: Outlines Florida kindergarten assessment history and legislative authority from 1997 to present.

Kindergarten Screening and VPK

Florida law outlines requirements for statewide kindergarten screening and calculating kindergarten readiness rates. Statewide kindergarten screening is administered within the first 30 days of kindergarten. Children who participated in VPK and attend kindergarten in a nonpublic school can also participate in screening.


VPK Assessment and Star Early Literacy ® Assessment: An Overview (PDF)

Assessments in VPK and the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS)

About Pre- and Post Assessments

About the Florida VPK Assessment

VPK Assessment Online Reporting System


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